shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


i'm a liar baby

I have a mysterious illness and also no desire to tally the subscriptions from Mr. Rowe's email for the drawing so:

You can still subscribe until midnight tonight and be entered into the drawing.

The drawing for the prize will happen Sunday night or Monday. In other words: as soon as we get home. (I have to go to North Carolina and get Mr. Rowe, you see. And there may be some holiday shenanigans as well.)

I'll post some quizzes at UnCommonwealth for a last password hurrah before he gets access to the interweb and changes it!

Updated to add: Even a mysterious illness can be made better by a little impromptu shopping expedition. Ah, the slight tinge of guilt mixed with the joy of new clothes (on sale, of course): is there anything quite like it? Didn't think so.


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