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welcome to my martini glass


where have all the fireflies gone?

I know, I know. I'm told it's too early. But they should be here by now. Fireflies. In my backyard. Firing. It's sweaty sticky heavy outside, long past time for a little blinking from the bug population in my estimation.

I wrote a whole story yesterday, part of it in a car. Now I have to revise it. Soon maybe you will read it. Karen's coming in a couple of days, to do the book club thing here in town. We are so excited we can barely stand it. We'll probably clean the house and everything.

Then Friday night it's off to Louisville for Strange Fiction at the InKY series. What to read, what to read...

In other words, a busy week. Don't be alarmed if S&S goes static. Go read what Jenny Davidson had to say on the occasion of her third grade teacher's retirement instead.


  • At 2:37 PM , Blogger Jenny D said...

    Thanks for linking!

    Fireflies are the one thing from nature I really miss, living in NY. In Philadelphia when I was growing up, we always marked firefly season by it starting at my brothers' birthday and fading away around mine--June 14 to July 21. I am terribly vague on geography--is Lexington rather further south than Philadephia? must be--but I bet you'll have a ton of fireflies soon....


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