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In lieu of actual content, let there be links. And cake. Links and cake.

Coffee and Ink shares some excellent panel reports from Wiscon, including from the rewrite panel (featuring Ms. Larbalestier, among others) and the writing about the same fictional world over time panel. Maybe the panel is not dead -- maybe intrepid panel goers will save it with secondhand reports like these. (Designated panel attenders, perhaps?)

Alan makes a compelling argument for reading Sleep by Kat Meade, one of his favorite SF titles of 2004.

Do it yourself bookbinding, via Maud.

Some Brothers Grimm tales have been traced back to women. (Via Ed of the kick-ass BEA reports.)

That is all.


  • At 3:14 PM , Blogger Justine Larbalestier said...

    I thought it's been known since, like, forever, that many of the Grimm tales were told by women.

    I'm kind of posting left, right and centre everywhere as an, um, work avoidance thingie. Because sometimes the work is big and the brain is small.

  • At 6:42 PM , Blogger Ted said...

    I'll ditto Justine's comment. I thought nowadays the Grimms were known for collecting the fairy tales in a printed edition, not for having made them up themselves.


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