shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


monday hangovers, no description edition

Did I mention there's lots of writing and deadlines on tap for this week? There are. So posts here may be fewish and far betweenish.

BWI has an interview with Margo Lanagan -- who, it must be said, is a genius. I'm just reading Black Juice now and it is exceeding the hype. Best story collection I've read since, oh, Stranger Things Happen came out. (Speaking of which: have you preordered Magic for Beginners yet?) (I stole the BWI link from someone, but I can't remember who.)

Don't forget that next weekend is Mother's Day. Eek knows what you should get her. (We owe you bios and photos and you shall have them within the next day or two. Promise!)

Patricia Storms further proves her brilliance with The Story of 'O' -- a comic illustration of the moment in time when Oprah and J-Franz intersected.

Beatrice also tells you to go read Gavin's story. Do not make someone else tell you again.

Lethem on Kafka.


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