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yes, yes, I'm still telling you to read this book! (updated)

I just put up my first post at the LitBlog Co-op, about the book I would have nominated if I'd been able this time around. And it's a bona fide science fiction title at that.

There've been lots of new posts made at the LBC this week, so make sure you take a look at everything. And please comment if you feel so moved--this really should be a conversation between readers.

That's probably it for me today. Have a good weekend.

Updated: So, I have to share the 100 most frequently used words in Air from its A text stats page because it makes a little poem (it's also beautiful in its arrangement over there and in words that are larger than the others):

again air always am asked away business called came children chung come day door down dress else even everything eyes face fashion felt find friend full get go going good hand head help herself house husband joe ken knew know kwan let light little look looked love machine mae man men money mother mr need new nothing now oh old own people said sat saw say see seemed sezen shen siao someone something sound still stood suddenly sunni take tell things think thought time tung turned tv two village voice want wanted water went wing woman work world year yes

Not to mention Air wins with most uses of all its Statistically Improbable Phrases: fashion expert, oatmeal cloth, village bread and hundred riels.


  • At 12:20 PM , Anonymous the Happy Booker said...

    I will hop over and read your post--I haven't taken the plunge yet! Happy Earth Day. THB (did you notice google?)


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