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finally: gilmore gossip circle alert!

New episode for first time in forever. Gather!

When Stars Hollow's oldest resident dies and leaves his house to the town, Luke (Scott Patterson) has an ulterior motive for volunteering to help turn the house into a temporary museum. Dean (Jared Padalecki) is also working on the project, and offers Luke some unwelcome advice about the dangers of dating a Gilmore girl. To get publicity for the Dragonfly Inn, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) does an interview with a travel magazine, but immediately regrets the unkind comments she makes about being raised by Emily (Kelly Bishop, who does not appear in the episode). Meanwhile, Lane (Keiko Agena) suspects that Zach (Todd Lowe) is having a fling with music store owner Sophie (guest star Carole King), while Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Paris (Liza Weil) are both devastated by trouble with their respective boyfriends.

Melissa McCarthy and Sean Gunn also star. The episode was written by Daniel Palladino and directed by Jackson Douglas, who plays Sookie¿s husband Jackson on the series.


  • At 8:51 PM , Blogger gwenda said...

    Felt like a bit of a transitional episode to me and Jackson's direction felt a bit odd -- but, man, am I glad this show is back. Makes me realize how most everything else I watch is settling. And we've got a -- rather obvious, but still in character -- showdown between Emily and Lorelei coming up. Odd how episodes without Richard or Emily feel slightly off.

  • At 12:15 AM , Blogger Chris McLaren said...

    Tuesday is now poker night (470% of my stake, thanks for asking), so I won't have my comments until tomorrow night.

  • At 8:12 AM , Blogger Jon Hansen said...

    Clearly I have missed an episode, but when did Jackson stop being mayor? Did Taylor's recall effort succeed?

  • At 9:46 AM , Blogger Bill S. said...

    I was wondering exactly the same thing. It did feel like I missed an episode, what with that, and Lane running around with glasses again.

    I did like the diorama, though, with the light shining on the "mute" mannequin every time it was his turn to "speak". For some reason that made me laugh all night long. I also liked "the female Pol Pot". But in a season of what have been really strong episodes, this just seemed terribly anticlimactic after such a protracted wait. Maybe the lack of Richard and Emily really did have something to do with it.

  • At 10:36 AM , Blogger gwenda said...

    I had the exact same question about Jackson not being mayor anymore. I'm wondering if it was a tiny note in one of the episodes with more Jackson and Sookie stuff in it, or yeah, if the recall succeeded.

    Ever since the contacts thing, Lane's sometimes in glasses and sometimes not. She should ALWAYS wear them!


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