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there's a joke to be made here, likely involving the term "check out" but i'm tired


Brighton District Library officials are at a loss as to why a Web site aimed at homosexual men has listed the library bathroom as a place to meet for sex.

Library Director Charlene Huget said Wednesday the posting was discovered by someone outside the library who notified library officials.

It appears that the link proclaiming the library's washrooms as a 'cruising' place has been on the Web site for a couple of months, Huget said. It appeared someone e-mailed the site regarding the restrooms in December and January, 'but there haven't been any postings since,' she said.

'It was quite an unpleasant surprise,' Huget said. 'We've notified the police, and we've also notified this Web site that the local police department has been contacted and they are monitoring the location.'

You can't say they weren't doing their part to celebrate Library Awareness Week, huh?

(This would be in Michigan, for the curious.) (Via Lithaven.)


  • At 11:17 AM , Blogger Bill S. said...

    Wow, how old school queer. Although it does suggest that libraries do provide a vital service to the community, in spite of the proliferation of the internet.


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