shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


"are you new?"

Check out Ms. Eek on the Steve Earle show she went to last night:

Steve Earle fans are large. Cornfed and tall, they make standing at the back by the light board, where one gets to stand when one wanders in after Allison's opening set, very uncomfortable. I'm 5'8" in flats, and I spent the first half-hour doing that hopping up and down to get a look at the man. Normally I am fine in the back because indie rock kids are shriveled and stumpy, thanks to that clove habit nobody will admit to having when they were 13. But Steve Earle fans are tall and robust and do not care that they are blocking a short girl's view and never have to bend down to tie their faux-vintage Pumas or dig a book of matches out of their Roos pocket, the bastards.

Don't get me started on how the irk (indie rock kids) shun dancing and anyone who dares.


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