shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


quick monday hangovers

Beatrice has several fine posts this morning, including one on Poppy Brite's difficulty in expanding her fan base for her new, non-horror work and a guest author post by Quinn Dalton on hiring your own publicist.

For those who wanted to read the LA Times piece on the Litblog Co-op, but not enough to register or visit bugmenot first, Tod Goldberg's put the whole piece up in this entry.

Mr McLaren rounds up a few worthwhile bookish links, including one to the haunted bookshelves I covet. (Bad Magic's on the nightstand.) He also has a fascinating post on language and lexicons.

You really will want to go see No True Bill's photo of the Luxor Hotel's beam attracting a megaton of moths. Pretty.

Laila of Moorish Girl posts about her writing retreat at Hedgebrook. Drool...

The day beckons. More later.


Jeff has a new blog to focus on kicking the habit (of smoking). Stop by and be supportive, but don't make any sudden movements or say anything that could be misinterpreted. Also, if any electrical equipment needs hooking up, make sure it's going to be easy. (These are lessons I learned the hard way.)


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