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thursday hangover things

And a promise for some content that isn't linktastic later today. Maybe.

1. There's good stuff all over today and to try and link it all would be madness. So, make sure you check in with the folks to the right (especially Mark at TEV, who is back in style and correcting the NYT). This morning's hangovers will more be pointers to things you ought not miss, in addition to the latest Tourney of Books smackdown, the NYT article about the tournament (complete with Malzberg and Pronzini reference, baby) and the USA Today article. (I'm still pretty confident that Mark's decision will break for Ozick tomorrow, but I've always loved being surprised.)

2. Everybody's Rakish Pal comes through with a fabulous account of the recent Michael Chabon talk he attended.

3. Coffee and Ink has the exciting news that Bringing Up Baby will finally come to DVD next month!

4. Elizabeth at the Cupcake Blog on DIY and This American Life.

5. Lauren Cerand (also a Cupcake goddess but this is on her personal site) posts about architecture and prisons and points to a fascinating-sounding article in the Architect's Newspaper. Her explanation of why she finds architecture interesting is wonderfully succint: But: I actually don't understand how people aren't passionately interested in architecture, especially as it relates to issues of sustainability and global development. I mean, chances are you live in a man-made building, right? It affects your life.

There's things I'm forgetting, but that's it for now.


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