shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


yes, yes

I finished*. There was this whole traumatic scene where my no longer rational brain had to battle the evil, terrible, overzealous find-replace at the last second, but all was set right by someone else's common sense. Back-up files have been backed up twice..

Made a cake to celebrate (so that's what you left it for, K!), went out to get sweet, sweet plastic can icing and realized I possibly had a touch of ibuprofen poisoning from over-self-medding the cottonball head. Also possibly just really, really exhausted. Lay on couch and watched soothing TiVoed stuff and am now off to bed. I plan to sleep late and eat cake for breakfast.

(*Yes, yes, I also realize that in the best case scenario I will go back into this book armed with an editor's notes at some point, but really, I look forward to that day. Now, let me enjoy this one.**)

(**And if that day never comes, I'm going to become one of those subway booksellers, only on Greyhound buses armed with a feather boa and lines from the plays of Tennesee Williams.)


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