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24 hour hiatus (w/ yet another update)

Heya. I'm not feeling like posting today -- I think of things to post, think about posting them, but just don't wanna. Tomorrow, or maybe Monday, I'll post a review of Geoff Ryman's remarkable novel Air (Or, Have Not Have).

I direct you to those fine folks on the right and specifically to:

The Tingler's list of recommended, underappreciated books of the year
Ed collects your reading discoveries of the year
The Rake quoting Tobias Wolf on John Cheever
Matt Cheney cops to liking Road to Wellville, the movie (me, I'm waiting for the sequel: Road to Wellville Strikes Back)
When Scientists Attack: Steve Reuland at The Panda's Thumb takes down Phyllis Schafly on evolution (Via The Loom)

UPDATE: See also this very interesting WaPo piece on America's difficulty in being generous and how we are affected by tragedies around the world.

FURTHER UPDATE: Ms. Tingle has posted part 2 of the overlooked recommendations, including mine.


  • At 3:08 PM , Blogger Rake said...

    There's a pretty good Richard Yates story in that interview as well, but I simply can't type that much. Wait for it to appear at the PR site.


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