shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


merry merry hangovers

These are all the windows/tabs I have open right now, things that I mean to read, have read or will read.

Hangovers, Holiday Installment

-- Washington Post writer's account of swimming in the ocean in Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit (Via Kottke)

-- Boing Boing's fantastic series of ossuary churches and the like, including a link to this photo of a fabulous breastplate made of every bone in the human body

-- "Brilliant writer" as vagrant, via Ed

-- BrokenType parodies Bzz Marketing (Via who, I forget)

-- Flickr, where I'm contemplating setting up an account (pro or con, anyone?)

-- About Last Night, where Terry is posting like god from Small Town USA

-- Andrea Seigel demonstrates her own Lite Brite godhood

-- Tito Perez shares (and I plan to rip this off later, after cleaning the kitchen)

-- The NYT looks at the one book I forgot on the list below, Clive (and Dirk) Cussler's Black Wind


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