shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


existential query # 2

(#1 is private.)

Can listening to someone else type make you more productive? Maybe, but it's probably the new mattress and deeeeluxe bedding (seriously, I am ready for my rap video close-up, shoop it up). I've already moved a power strip in here for those times when I really am too lazy to be in the office. (Plus, are you paying attention? Typing LOUD.)

Anyway, I've actually opened the Girl's Gang file and started rewriting the ending. I figure I'll work my way backwards on this final, final polish, in which I hope that the people who wanted to see it before still want to see it in a week and a half or so. My November goal shall be met! Prepare the canons! (I warned you about the oddly good mood when I posted the obit story, didn't I?)

The best thing about answering email is all the lovely email you get in return. I'm planning on getting to at least some of the remaining 23 of you on Wednesday night, pre-writing group, same coffeeshop. Perhaps by then I'll have gone bat-hat mad and be making the click-clackety typing noise with my mouth as I bang on my computer keys. Sounds fun, huh?

Did I mention that I'm getting very excited about the Happy Thanksgiving coming up, in which many lovely people will visit (and the guest room will be set up and books unpacked)? The excitement is nearly too much too contain. (We're doing Mexican feast this time, I believe, since we have ready access to lots of fresh ingredients.) (We will, of course, miss you and you; you know who you are.) I also forgot to mention that I got new glasses -- sorta Tina Feyesque -- but you will never see them unless you come stay in our guest room or knock on our door in some hotel very early or very late.

And um, Jeff's right -- you don't want to wait too long on the Gaddis reading. I managed almost half the first chapter during a much-interrupted lunch today and tried to remember to jot down the parts I liked best. I found that the reading got much (almost said easier, but it's too early in this game for arguments!) more pleasurable once the dead wife was buried and Wyatt introduced. Young Wyatt reminds me of some amalgam of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn with access to Christian scholars. See, let the drinking begin. It must be easier to pontificate with drink in hand.

Now go look at the bottom of the well for the stars of broad daylight...


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