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So... I'm still dreadfully behind on email and other correspondence (but that will change this week!), and I feel suitably awful about it and all that, rest assured. I'm still tickled at every piece of mail I get, so feel free to send and I promise a response in the very near future.

It's just that re-setting up a household takes a lot of time (I don't know how you parental types manage it). We've unpacked just about everything -- except the books. And really, things just don't feel right until the bookshelves are overstuffed and the walls have art on them. These things will happen this week, so that's all well and good. But it took a massive amount of time and work and unpacking (and breaking down boxes, kudos to Mr. Rowe) to get it this far. Did I mention we've lost two bookshelves to other things (the kitchen for a temporary shelving solution and one's just missing the shelf piece that fits into the middle) and so will have to buy new ones to fit all the books we already have? Oh well.

Steve Earle's on the radio, so I'm sure it'll all be alright. (Updated: and by the end of the post, it was Wilco, so still alright.)

Just wanted to point quickly to Ed's post about Pobby and Dingan -- a fantastic book by Ben Rice that KDL sent as a gift many moons ago and which I love, love, love, and basically, second everything Ed has to say about. It will enrich your life far beyond the hour or so it takes to read. What have you got to lose? (This is one of those times where I wish the books were unpacked and on the shelves, so I could go grab it and quote -- as I wanted to with O'Hanlon yesterday.)

Oh, and to this piece on casting (via the sassy cinetrix), which is immediately going to my dear friend who casts and love/hates it, specializing in extras casting. (There are a lot more people that fall into the extra casting category than you think.)

That is all. Good night.


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