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Ana Marie Cox writes one of the most delicious reviews I've read in ages in this week's NYT: of Kristin Gore's new chick lit/D.C. hybrid Sammy's Hill. (Title note: they won't even have to change the name for the porn version.)

In one climactic scene, Sammy's passions explode into a lengthy soliloquy before her boss: ''The current laws in the United States prevent anybody except the manufacturer from importing prescription drugs,'' she declares. ''However, law enforcement has long turned a blind eye to Americans returning from Canada with supplies of the prescription drugs that they've procured there for half the price they would pay in the U.S. And in the last few years, several independent operators. . . .'' Say one thing about Kristin Gore: she is her father's daughter.

So much more fun than reading this book would be.


  • At 10:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    For someone who’s grown up in the Gore household, maybe that’s realistic dialogue.



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