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ooh, ahhh, has quentin tarantino heard about this?

You know that the blog is languishing when people start sending you charity links. (Yes, yes, I know that's -- in most cases -- not what these were.) Sorry for the absenteeism and the unanswered emails. This weekend all will be caught up with; many emails will be answered, as if by magic, and items will be added to the registry (who knew?). And thanks for the happy thoughts and congratulations from all the recently returned from Worldcon folks. Just think, our anniversary will coincide with Worldcon every year. And they say science fiction is dead.

Anyway, Mr. Butner of Raleigh, sends the coolest thing ever, a link to the Sotheby's auction of items from the estate of Johnny and June Carter Cash. The Mother Maybelle handbag is almost affordable. (And very classy.) An inscribed photo of Elvis to June. Johnny's collection of barbed wire. William Morris contracts. Christopher thinks they should put all this stuff in a museum and I think he's right -- but only because I can't afford to buy any of it.

Christopher (really, really languishing) sends an article about comics blogs from Comic Book Resources that's got lots of interesting stuff in it.

And, last but not least, Hem's new album Eveningland will be released October 5th! There are SIX free mp3's available IF you pre-order. And T-shirts. All people, be merry.

worm "Jackson," Hem

namecheck Justine "Dealicious" Larbalestier (I couldn't help it, really...)


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