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I'm late to the Philip Larkin birthday bash, and no doubt this has already been everywhere but an unpublished poem has been discovered that scholarly types say is of import to Larkin's early career.

The discovery of an unpublished poem by Philip Larkin has shed new light on the celebrated writer’s early career, experts said today.

And Yet, one of a number of his works set to be published for the first time, later this year was found in a manuscript book in the vaults of Hull University.

The Coventry-born poet wrote it as a “companion piece” to the famous 12-line elegy about his father’s death: An April Sunday Brings the Snow.

Actually, my favorite part about that piece is the hed The Scotsman put on it -- "Unpublished Larkin Poem 'Written in Grotty Bedsit'."

Ah, grotty bedsit. I barely knew thee.

(UPDATE: This is apparently one of many unpublished poems. Via Maud.)


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