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nudist Olympic fans: you were born in the wrong time

The Daily Yomiuri of Japan looks at a couple of new books that cover the more idiosyncratic bits of Olympic history. The review starts off, however, with what strikes me as something that could be adapted to a reality show about book reviewing here. Or maybe not.

The celebrity judges on the Fuji TV show Toribia no Izumi (Trivia Fountain) push a button that makes the sound "heh" when a piece of trivia surprises them. The more surprised they are, the more times they press the button, thereby rating the amazingness of each item.

The fact that athletes in the ancient Greek Olympics competed nude scored 98 of a maximum 100 hehs on the show. That the judges were shocked to find nudity associated with ancient Greece must indicate that they have never looked over their shoulders to see the nude-but-for-a-strategic-dishrag statue of Atlas that is a prominent feature of the show's set.

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