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Nice weekend -- saw several people we don't get to nearly enough, got to sleep in on both days, finally watched Hellboy (yay!) and Cold Mountain (was the book better?). C. and I are both participating in Jenn's mini-dare this week, and my schedule's unsane, so perhaps there will be less here this week. My mini-dare goal is to revise 75 pages of the book, which is definitely doable and will put me very near being done(!). There will be some things here though and I'll also try and post more at Ed's, since the superfriends must take over for a bit now as he goes off to kick some theatrical ass.

Note to anyone who is not Susanna Clarke hoping to win the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel next year: Sorry, but you might want to hold publication of your book if your heart's set on it. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is so good it's scary. I'm already anticipating the moment at which I wish it was longer.

If I haven't answered your email from the past few days yet, it's because I got distracted. I'm going to try and catch up tonight and tomorrow.

And if you love the Pixies as I do, the NYT did an excellent long piece on them, though I don't understand why they won't just call the man Frank Black. Also from yesterday's NYT, an interview with Bryce Dallas Howard (Opie's a hippy; his daughter said so!) and David Edelstein writes on The Big Lebowski phenom (but in a toothless, feels-overedited kinda way). Note that none of these articles is from the Book Review.

Check you later, as someone somewhere says.

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  • At 10:20 AM , Blogger Robin said...

    Cold Mountain-book was definitely better than Cold Mountain-movie. Of course, the book didn't have to suffer through Nicole Kidman's horrific attempt at a Virginia accent.

  • At 4:43 PM , Blogger Rob said...

    I thought the only thing Hellboy suffered from was an over usage of that regenerating monster. The clockwork fellow was excellent as was Perlman. Wonderful color tones through the whole flick. I know you two will be busy "dare"-devils this week, but I saw that Tres Chicas is playing at the Dame Weds. Temptation.


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