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You've probably encountered the pic somewhere online by now, but of course, Judith Arndt expressed her displeasure with German cycling officials as she crossed the finish line in the women's road race. An account from the WP's little daily squib sheet:

Germany's Judith Arndt is about to cross the finish line and win a silver medal in the road cycling race. This should be a happy moment, yes? A lifetime of hard work culminates in one shining moment, yes? Instead, Arndt turns and flips the bird to German cycling officials. Arndt was upset that her pal Petra Rossner was left off the Olympic team. She was fined $162 by the International Cycling Union but will be allowed to race in Wednesday's time trial.

Apparently, Rossner is actually Arndt's girlfriend. Which makes the whole thing sweet, in my opinion.

Of course, Aussie Sara Carrigan won that race (yay!), which brings us to this squib about Australians from the Independent, offered without comment:

The whinging Aussies are in town. The reigning individual Olympic champion went out in the first round of the archery competition yesterday and he immediately blamed the weather, saying the wind was the worst he had encountered in five Olympics. "You've got the head wind here coming straight down the stadium and there's not much you can do to hide from it," he complained. And the Australian's name? Simon Fairweather.

Also, check out Sarah's new all Olympics, all the time blog.

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