shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


more apologia

Those paltry posts below will be it for me today. I'm afraid I'll be incommunicado until tomorrow.

In the meantime, Maud Newton, The Elegant Variation, Sarah Weinman and The Mumpsimus all have lots of good stuff worth checking out. Not to mention all the other lovely so-and-so's down and to the right.

Also, watching the USA men's basketball team, petulant and classless as they were, get beat, beat, beat DOWN by Puerto Rico, having the best game/time of their lives, was great. And go Australia's women, kicking ass in the road race! And hey, Phelps is purty. Yes, the Olympics are addictive. And apparently, it is impossible for a layperson to watch synchronized diving (!?) and know whether a dive is good or not -- we have no idea whether the dive is "four years ago" (honest to god quote) or not.

worm "Army of Me," Bjork (remix)

namecheck whatever chicken little offered the anonymous "you people" advice re: tin foil hats


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