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I missed this when it originally ran -- the NYT wedding profile of Robert Siegel (formerly of The Onion and People's Most Eligible Bachelors (?!)) and Jen Cohn (smart, funny hotty who's done a million things and impersonations apparently):

It was this go-for-broke liveliness that attracted Mr. Siegel to her one night at a theater benefit in Times Square. Ms. Cohn turned up in a shoulder-baring T-shirt, tight jeans and red platform slides.

''A 'Sex and the City' kind of girl,'' came to mind, said Mr. Siegel, now 32 and a writer of ''The Onion Movie,'' which is to be released in December. ''I normally attract smart, funny girls -- but most smart, funny girls don't tend to be beautiful.''

Mr. Siegel admitted: ''I underestimated her. Most women who come in that type of package, you can't talk Edward Albee or Harold Pinter.'' Not only did Ms. Cohn know her Shakespeare, but she could match Mr. Siegel's penchant for joyous lunacy.

The second time they went out, he invited her on a tourist date. She arrived wearing a T-shirt and leggings with thick and rumpled socks. She had strapped on a fanny pack backward, and her hair was teased and sprayed stiff. ''I was vile,'' she said.

He, too, dressed horribly, in a pair of too-small khakis belted high on his waist. Having assumed the personas of map-and-camera-toting tourists, they visited the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center.

''That was the date that sealed the deal,'' Ms. Cohn, also 32, said. ''We can be so hideous together, and have fun.'' She knew then that she wanted to marry him.

(Via The Truth About Celia.)

Normal, and hopefully better, freestyle returns tomorrow, as crisis has passed and la vida loca has returned.

I was in a cheesy smalltown cafe today, and when I say cheesy, I mean it is a required add-on to all menu items (most of which are in the under 2 dollar range), with my mother and the TV was playing a soap opera. After a few minutes, the waitress flipped it over to a channel where John Kerry was speaking (these are not his people). "Oh, that's just another soap opera," said one portly lady to another. To which her portlier friend replied, "Sometimes I like the other ones better."


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  • At 5:01 PM , Blogger Celia said...

    truly, it's the tourist date thing that makes me love it so much. What better way to know you are meant for someone than the fact that you can be tacky together?

    There was also a fabulous one on a rugby couple last week or so. WEDDINGS/CELEBRATIONS: VOWS; Bex Wallison and Chris Hufferdine, which had more of my all time favorite lines from a wedding announcement...

    After six months of trans-Atlantic dating, he watched Ms. Wallison play rugby for the first time. "She absolutely laid this girl out, like destroyed her, knocked her 10 feet back," he remembered. "It was cool to see the woman I'm dating crushing other people."
    Ms. Wallison, also a member of the New York Rugby Club, did everything but tackle Mr. Hufferdine in her pursuit of an engagement ring. "Every single night, she would look in my pockets," Mr. Hufferdine said. "It was like airport security. She'd pat me down."
    I also like the bride's brother saying, "The fact is, the girl likes a good drink," and the description of everyone's rugby related scars and injuries.

  • At 2:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    That my brother and new sister in law and that article couldnt be more correct if it tried!!


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