shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


we now interrupt:another happy birthday

And today it's happy birthday to the soon departing for Japan, Mr. Chris Barzak.

Go over and deluge his comments and wish him the best and no makeovers and you will be that far ahead when he is crowned Karaoke King.

Once again,this day may be paid tribute to by reading of the author's work, conveniently located online.

His excellent story "Plenty," which was reprinted in the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror a couple of years ago is here. His "Read and Appreciated List for 2003" is at Fantastic Metropolis here. And you can read an interview with him for the anthology Trampoline, which contains his excellent story "Dead Boy Found" (go buy it!).

Go forth and celebrate the day of the Brown Dragon born in the year of the Green Rabbit!


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