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We made it, drowsing along through sunshine and wind farms having their best day ever -- at least until we hit the state line and immediately went from rainbows to ominous black skies. Turned off the Sirius long enough to listen to common-sensically challenged Americans who think the proper action to take during a severe thunderstorm is to stand outside with a camera ready to PHOTOGRAPH FUNNEL CLOUDS.

But it's just rain here, and blinking clocks inside the slightly musty house, and the question about how long the electricity might have been off and what that means for the stuff in our fridge, &tc.

Spent last night with the last of the stragglers -- Kelly and Gavin, Justine and Scott, and the accidental straggler Mr. Barzak -- drinking champagne and dissecting this and that.

Tomorrow will be a very long day.


  • At 10:00 AM , Blogger Jason Erik Lundberg said...

    Glad you made it home all right. Our flight was super-turbulent out of Madison, but we punched through all the way to Detroit. It was great getting to see you and Christopher again, and introducing you to Janet.


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