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best television station name ever

So, there's something you get in the south that at least I'm not aware of in other environs. And that is religious media with crazy, perfect names. It's unaware self-parody with a completely straight face (a dour face even). Case in point.

In today's local paper, there's a profile of WLJCT, a local Christian TV station in Beattyville, Kentucky. (At which I once scandalized a studio audience by loudly and accidentally exclaiming "Fuck!" after missing a Bible Trivia question when I was 11.) Anyway, what does the WLJCT stand for, you may be wondering? It stands for (get ready):

Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ Television.

Which is frankly what I think all television sets should be called from this moment forward.

Still though, my favorite example of this has to be the radio station WJMM, or Where Jesus Means Money. This fine radio station devotes itself to three things, according to its website:

• Local and national religious programming
• Praise and Inspiration through worshipful music
• Motivational and teaching programs that are life changing.

Uh-huh. Change this.


  • At 8:58 AM , Blogger Celia said...

    My college radio station was was WJMD. At one point, I was forced to buy the manager a make-your-own WWJD bracelet because I knew she'd love making her own WJMD bracelet, even if the M wasn't quite right. :)


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