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Lots of interesting things today and time is short, so without further...

Alan DeNiro questions the true meaning of ellipses and posits what the real movement in SF should be and you should all go read it. Go ahead and read it, you know you want to. And people are talking about this over in Susan-Marie's quick topic, so go there and challenge Alan to a futurist duel of wits. Do it. It's a socially acceptable activity. I promise.

I'd talk about it here, but I just read it and have to think about it more first.

And in sort of the same vein as the Hallmark writers from yesterday, there are apparently ghost writers for personal ads and they write really inane, celebrity-parts comparing ads and place them in the Harvard alumni magazine. There's just something desperate and sad and terribly voyeuristic about it.

I definitely call spilling umpteen gallons of tequila into a city's sewer system a "hazardous materials incident." Wonder if they got out the haz-mat suits though?

And of course, Oscar nominations out today, and I swear I'm going to see all the movies nominated in major categories that I haven't already. A nice surprise that The Two Towers got a best pic nod this year, as I didn't really think it would, being a middle stepchild and all. But I actually think the nomination would have been better placed for Peter Jackson in directing. So, there's that. And I'm really not going to get into all this now except to say that I think it's so great that Julianne Moore got two nominations this year. Yay!

And that maybe Charlie Kaufman's genius is not in writing offbeat stories, but in writing characters.

That is all, really.


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