shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


We have DSL! We have DSL! Yay!

Okay, granted the fact that this is finally hooked up owes itself to an extremely unfortunate head incident. Yes, another extremely unfortunate head incident. We really have to be more careful. ( I am clumsy; I have always been clumsy and I shall always be clumsy; Christopher can fight this though, he's just getting sucked into my gravity; is this too many semicolons all in a row? Why yes;) Christopher came into close contact with eyebrow and forklift yesterday, and there was much excitement of stitches and CT scans. The upshot is, three day weekend, the downshot is he has a nasty looking growly cut stitched shut on his forehead. So it goes.

Tonight we see Colin the Chef, one of Christopher's oldest friends, and go see a bunch of bands that are affiliated with some people I've known since high school. The vortex of weird promises to enlarge.

Go forth and weekend. I command ye!


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