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Coming back from taking Chriostopher to work this morning, I get behind a Home City Ice truck. There slogan is: "Healthier than homemade." Healthier than homemade ice? This is their slogan? Is there something they know about the water supply that I don't? Sheez.

We went to the library last night and I took out lots of fun new books, including the big religious movement index (which promises to be fascinating), and Sarah Waters' Affinity, which I started already and am liking a great deal. I just dived into the rewrite of the script I finished last fall, Voices, which is a supernatural thriller that pulls off the history of spiritualism a bit (and is damn creepy). I figure it'll get me back in the right frame of mind. This one is promising to be a challenge in rewrite, since it's the only script I've ever written sans outline or notes or anything except a tiny amount of research. Not sure if I'll try that again or not. We'll see how it goes.

Has anyone else been to the White House site lately? I go there to read the unedited versions of the press briefings. I usually begin by doing a search for "Helen"--since whenever Ari the Flea is really rapping his fool head off, it tends to be because Helen Thomas has pushed him up against a wall and won't back down. (I love Helen Thomas.) Plus, it's always interesting to see what the White House press corps is asking about, but isn't showing up in the papers yet. And, c'mon, the Flea's a fool, one of the worst press secretaries I've ever seen. He just makes things up. He always has. It's fun to "watch" him try and sound convincing. Anyway, sorry for the digression. But, when I went yesterday there's this big scary green logo that says "Iraq: Denial and Deception" which links to the gov's PR site against Iraq. Including _excerpts_ from press briefings. Have I just not noticed this before? Because it's as creepy as a lot of the militant wacko sites out there. Yeeps.

Lynda Barry continues to rock.


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