shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


What does it say that Richard, Christopher and me are ALL Inigo Montoya in the "Which Princess Bride Character Are You Quiz"? Please people, take this and be a different character, for sociological purposes. Prove it can be done.

(And um, report back in the shout outs, you big non-shout out wimps or I'll send you all Shonen Knife CDs, mwahahaha!)

(Just kidding about the CDs, I like them. But the books and other CDs offer is still on.)

We finished sorting the books last night and chatted to Inigo Montoya the First a good long time, and there was much mention made of rapping (that needs to be cut out) based on Christopher's Tom Bombadillo rap in the palimpsests of the most recent entry on Alan's blog(?). I hope Alan and Kristin are feeling better.

And I heard "Borderline" on the radio this morning and thought of Mr. Barzak and wondered if he will be making an appearance at Wiscon this year and whether there will be dancing. (Also wondered if he plans on updating his blog again soon... ahem.)

There's a Hank Steuver piece on debris hunters in East Texas that I'm too lazy to get the link for, but it in today's Style section of the Washington Post.

The Glove Monster TV programs are coming up. A friend sent me a scary article from a British magazine quoting MJ from the documentary talking about NOT having sex with Tatum O'Neill because he was too shy and how he still has kids over and lets them sleep in his bed. Why do we allow this man-thing to be free?

Cross your fingers that the VCR works so I can go get Mr. George the Dog tonight. Or, in the alternative, that Buffy's really good.


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