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There's something that cracks me up about the following CNN headline: "Shuttle Flight Has Almost All-Female Crew." Almost, guys; it's noteworthy. Maybe they'll have a parade or something and the crew members can wear bikinis.

No painting to speak of, and really we still have to prepare the walls. But we did buy stuff to paint, or rather to prime with, and we'll start tonight. Not really a yay! kind of moment, in any way except the end has to be in sight, but, progress.

Then we came home and I stayed up and watched the season premiere of "The It Factor" on Bravo, which is one of the more interesting reality series to me. It follows nine actors, last season mostly in New York, this season all in L.A. Seeing how hard actors have it makes me appreciate the level of debasement writers have to endure to "break-in"; at least we don't have to go to cattle calls. Watching them do their audition scenes was painful, but it seems like a good cast and I'm looking forward to seeing most of them fail. Wait -- that didn't come out right. I'm looking forward to watching them try to break-in. Necessarily, it's not going to happen for most, or maybe any, over a six-month period. One guy, from Detroit who'd been in 8 mile, has only been in L.A. nine days when he auditions and gets picked for the show.

Anyway. I also watched about half of that show with the Millionaire-Only-He's-Not, at Kelly's recommendation. And she's right! It's a romance novel. It's not even like a romance novel; it IS a romance novel. Not highly recommended, but it you're looking for another guilty pleasure... watching beautiful women be forced to shovel coal into a train is right up there.

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