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Sydney Omarr has died, at a ripe old age, and perhaps you'd just read the headline and pass on. But as someone who spent a moderate amount of time (say, 20 minutes) once researching whether or not he was even a real human being, I feel it's a noteworthy occurance.

When Christopher and I started making goo-goo eyes at each other--(kids in Kentucky learn young how to slosh their eyes about in their heads as a romantic gesture)--and for quite awhile after, I used to include our Sydney Omarr horoscopes, the Lord High Prognosticator's forecasts, in my first e-mail of the day to him. The thing that was (and still will be, as I expect the same staffers who've been writing the damn things for years will keep on, but where's the fun in that?) so great about Omarr horoscopes is how nonsensical they often were, and how specific. "You will have a brush with the occult." "You should not wear red or talk to a relative." "You will be involved in intrigue with a baboon." Now, I'm just going from memory, but at least one of those is rendered verbatim. So, goodbye Sydney. I hope you went where you thought you were going to. Because isn't unexpected death just the last laugh on a psychic of any ilk? I know some of them don't really believe they're psychic but play the game because it's as good as any other and the pay can be good. But many of them probably believe their own hype, and it must be the last great insult when the breath gets short and it dawns, "Didn't foresee this, did I?" Or, for the ones who believe they can't make predictions about themselves but that other psychics can, "I can't believe my dear comrade Madame Velma didn't tell me about this."

But I ramble. R.I.P, or whatever it was you wanted to rest in, Syd. You must have been some kind of romantic to name yourself after a movie and believe all this crap.

I don't think I've linked to a Molly Ivins editorial since I've been doing this thing, so it seems about time. It also seems oddly inappropriate that the one I'm linking to is just a compendium of random and prescient quotes, but, oh well... They're awful good quotes.

Say... Was That a Kiss? will officially be in reprints as of this weekend.


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