shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


Wow. I heard a cut off the forthcoming Cat Powers' album on WVRG this morning and it was a knock-out. Richard was right.

Back to our morning writing schedule today, like busy bees with fingers. It will be a very good year. I can sense it.

A few things of interest today and then silence:

Someone please tell Diana Ross that lost and drunk are two different things.

Stuever says blogs are in for 2003, among other things on a very comprehensive list... Whew, that was close.

A new book about Great Pox aka syphilis and its possible uncredited influence on history and such looks quite fascinating.

e= may get tweaked, eventually.

That is all for now. Coming soon, why you should read Solitaire by Kelley Eskridge.

Bye now.


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