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Have you ever wondered exactly how long you can have a Golden Retriever named George in violation of your apartment complex's no-pet rule without being asked to move? About six months, or more precisely until the maitenance guy steps in dog leavings while leaf blowing. Um, oops. (Yes, we're usually good about cleaning up after him, and if the guy had blown the damn leaves three weeks ago like he should've, no problem.)

So, we'll be moving soon, probably January or February. Which is just fine. We'd been wanting to move anyway, somewhere downtown with a little more ambiance (pronounced am-bans in Kantuckun), and a pets are okay policy. Really, George is just a big throw rug anyway, so I'm sure my parents won't mind keeping him for a month or so. Start praying now for unseasonal balminess, will you?

I did the first page one rewrite for an opening to my new script yesterday, which means I've officially started it. No script is truly begun with me unless I've rewritten something in it. Seven pages or so, and I can already tell that this one is going to be a screaming demon from hell structurally, and is going to break a half-dozen or more "rules". But. I'm excited about it, enchanted about it and willing to follow where it leads. While, of course, trying to finish the other more one sentence after another prose type deals I've got going. The two types of writing are so different from each other as to not even seem related sometimes. Of course, the fact that I got woefully out of practice writing just plain fiction plays a factor, I'm sure. Dunno. But it's nice to be scripting a first draft again, even while I have a polish staring over my shoulder for the script I finished in October, VOICES. (Creepy ghost story set on Lookout Mountain.)

Anyway, I'm sure that was about as dull as I've gotten on you, so... Moving right along.

There are some things that still shock me. The fact that Oregon is just now apologizing for sterilizing a large group of "deviants," including about 100 teenage girls blows my mind. Almost as much as the fact that states, something like 33 of them, thought state-run sterilization was all right, what a great idea, let's do this to the tune of lots and lots of people. It's not that I'm against sterilization -- there are plenty of people out there that shouldn't have kids. But maybe we should either realize it's none of our damn business or nicely encourage them not to have kids. (Note: In this context, nicely encouraged means, 'hey, have you ever thought about not spreading your genes around?' and not any kind of torture.)

That is all. Have a day that's good.


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