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welcome to my martini glass


All right. Here goes nothin'. No coffee yet even (it's brewing). We did load the digital camera software last night, and mess around with it some, but we haven't really figured out how to decrease the file sizes, by way of saying: sorry if these pictures take forever to load. I'm just going to put up a couple to start and see how that works.

It just seems proper that the first picture taken with the digital camera that makes its world debut should be of George the Dog, Poster Boy for American Values. I actually did try and lower the file size on this one, so we'll see:

All right, the next one that was still a huge file was taking forever. But still, I'm going to try this one, because I love it. This is the world famous Barnett's Creek, just across from one set of Christopher's grandparents:

There's only one more that I tried to make a smallish file, so I'll put that one up. (Sadly, my favorites are still waiting their conversion, but soon...) This one has to have the scene set a little. Betty's OK Country Cookin' is sort of legendary, in that it's not really legendary at all. It's just OK, the cookin', although the NASCAR commemorative plate collection is quite exceptional. Betty drives three to four hundred feet to work. She also uses enough eletricity with her Christmas light display to do a megacity in South America. Not that there isn't a light display year round, because there is, there's just MORE of it at Christmas. Sadly, the scope is hard to get and only one little portion really came out in my photos. Just take this and multiply it by 5 million. That's 5 million candlepower:

I hope that worked. If it did, more soon. If it didn't, more soon anyway.


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