shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


Lots of things in the newspapers that look way too depressing to read while I'm ill. Which I am, not terribly, but enough to feel pretty blah, along with periodic bursts of fine that are deceptive, evil bursts. Lots of sleeping, head hurting, that sort of thing, for the past two days. So, this will be short. The British Medicine Journal (might have the title wrong) did a study that says even Playboy centerfolds are getting to be uber-skinny.

In a disturbing world, we must turn to art.

Wow. Wow. Wow. I just watched a movie that actually lived up to my anticipation for it, that's one of the best science fiction movies and the best romantic comedies I've seen in a long, long time. Happy Accidents is finally, finally, finally out on DVD. Rent it. Buy it. Watch it.

That new Lord of the Rings movie was pretty good too. (Well, better than that. It was very good.) Those teenage girls sure do love Orlando Bloom. Gollum's performance is one of the best I've seen this year, not to mention how they made the eegly pasty skin look real. I feel sorry for the teenage boy in the group who dressed up, that obviously got last dibs on the costume choice and came in with a box on his head. (We think he was a dwarf.) There was lots of cheering in our theater. I like it when there's lots of cheering in a theater. Usually that happens in movies with serious sport contests, but here, it didn't occur so much during the battles as when the most beloved characters appeared or did something characteristic. Nice to be in a theater where the scale is epic and the audience commitment is total.

I really should try to sleep. Taking periodic and involuntary naps all day makes it hard though. Maybe I'll just go finish reading Box Office Poison and pretend that there isn't still Christmas shopping to be done.

Good night.


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