shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


You should all read Susan's plant dream. It's way better than my half-clear one.

And I forgot I actually had stuff to link to. Lots of times I'll copy an article's URL and then either never get time to post it or I just end up with these bizarre e-mails to myself with URL's in them that I don't understand anymore. The trash heap of secret, used-to-be-interesting URLs.

So, in the interest of keeping that heap manageable, the ones from yesterday, or possibly even the day before:

A Washington Post feature on Alexander Payne that barely even mentions his joined-at-the-brain writing partner Jim Taylor, but still, it's Alex Payne genius co-behind such wonderful movies as Citizen Ruth and Election, and now About Schmidt, which I'm excited about even if it does star Jack Nicholson (who let's face it, has gotten really old and creepy);

The first in the New York Times' new series on the Ten Commandments and real life, worth looking at for the concept alone; and

Last but not least, also from the Times, the rhyming judge.


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