shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


So, we are going to see The Two Towers tonight, because if we didn't Christopher just wouldn't be able to live. Offered below is a conversation he had at work today:

Co-worker: Well, I guess I'll head to the house. If you ain't doing anything tonight you oughta come down and help me get the metal on the side of my horse barn.

Christopher: Can't do it, we're going to the movies.
(Interjection by girlfriend: That's not the only reason he couldn't do it, but...)

Co-worker: Oh yeah? I ain't been in awhile. What are they showing?

Christopher: We're going to see The Two Towers.

Co-Worker: Huh. Now if I recollect correctly, it was a little fellow with big feet that had the ring last time I saw it. Is that still right?


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