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So, about this tape that government analysts are trying to determine whether the voice saying horrible things on it is Bin Laden or not. This voice I.D. would take about two seconds on TV. Sometimes I hope they're lying to us. How many samples of his voice do they have, a bazillion? And it took more than an hour? I know geeks with gear from radio shack that could do this quicker. (Well, I don't actually know them, but I know they're out there.)

This week has been years long. I swear. Christopher's had to be at work at 7 a.m. all week (and next week too from the sound of things) and he's just beat. And I'm just beat. Please let them hire someone who likes to get up reallllllly early.

Buffy was good this week, but I know at least a couple of people who might read this who missed it, so no commentola yet. Let's just say I'm trying to pretend the ending didn't happen. Or didn't happen like it looked.

During the Alternative Award Banquet luncheon at The Local Irish pub in Minneapolis, some of us talked about the recent theories shooting around about the increase in autism in certain parts of the country, treatment options, etc. We'd read articles. Now, there are new articles, that I wanted to make sure nobody that likes to read articles missed: autism piece in the New York Times Magazine and an opinion piece on treatment two days later.

Also from yesterday is this story about a guy who stole 2,999 normal things from his local library and got caught when he gave in to temptation and stole that Milton Berle exercise video. Or something like that. And then there's the Mystery Link. You see, I copied this URL for when I had time to blog and now I, uh, have no idea what the story is about. So, for fun and mystery follow this link.

Have a good day everybody.


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