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big news about best american short stories future

Michael Chabon is editing the next Best American Short Stories. And he's just let Ms. Kelly Link know that her story "Stone Animals," which originally appeared in Conjunctions: 43, will be appearing in this year's volume. Two other science fiction types will be included as well, but I'll only disclose those after they've done it elsewhere. Congratulations to all three, but especially to the two of you I know.

YAY! Go, Kelly, go! And obviously, big props to Michael Chabon for mixing up a pretty staid tradition with some new blood.

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Pre-order Kelly's new collection Magic for Beginners, coming soon (which will also include "Stone Animals")

Or spring for the sure-to-be super-fantastic limited edition

Update: Tim Pratt has divulged that he's one of the other writers I referenced above. His story "Hart & Boot" from Polyphony was chosen. Yay, Tim!


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