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Well, it sounds like Charles Simic has fallen into the great trap of trying to make something that is very complex so simple he's not even talking about the same thing anymore. The thing being "the South," which is itself a disingenuous--possibly even imaginary--term. What disappoints me most is that Simic is doing the writing, the falling hard for the shadow of a bombshell which turns out to be a tree. He's written some of my favorite poetry. And so I will read it before I react, but that entails a trip to the library. It won't be the first time a writer whose work I adore has falsified my home (Chris Offutt's name may come up later), if it reads as simple as it sounds like it does.

Meanwhile, you should read Maud's post I linked to up there and Clay Risen's wonderful response at The Morning News.

Here's something I love about the South, something I actually pointed out to Christopher over dinner (yes, in front of the TV, what of it?) with those very words. Our local news decided to spotlight one of the men's Olympic gymnasts whose grandparents live around here. Without any hint of judgement from the reporter, we hear the guy's papaw (the ID tag used in the story) tell the story of how just after being diagnosed with terminal cancer the grandma had a dream of the grandson winning a medal, though she couldn't see what color. None of them are surprised that he's in the Olympics. They aren't surprised because she saw it already--and the visions of the dead are sacred. The reporter actually worked the "dream vision" into the close of the story.

I love that my local news has room for "prophesy," as my own granny would call it. And I'm sorry if yours doesn't.

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