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Sorry that none of the promised Actual Posts have materialized. It's been a week of tiny annoyances. Yesterday morning, I realized that one of my contacts was torn. This created way more angst than it logically should, I know, but the fact remains: I am blind as a fucking bat. My contacts cost a fortune and last approximately a year. It takes two weeks to get a new one made. My glasses are huge and thick and make my head hurt if I wear them too long. I have had contacts since I was in third grade and have never torn one.


So, visit one to the eye doctor (a new guy): yay, good news, my previous prescription was wrong. (Unless this one turns out to be. Oh, life, you have a sick sense of humor, should it be so.) Did I mention that those guys charged about three times what the new guy charges? I wasn't able to actually get a new pair of glasses to tide me over -- or even order contacts -- until today, because we had to leave early for the first night of the class C's teaching. And hey, I don't even have the glasses yet. I go pick them up in twenty minutes or so. Cross your fingers.

Should these glasses make me able to actually see without creating a sense of vertigo, I'll write some posts. Swear and double swear.

A few linksies in the meanwhile:

Visit the new semi-quarterly review of poems and such (and submit) Garbanzo. Their editorial policy is thus:
Editorial content is not the responsibility of the editors. Now that's a tune I can dance to...

Brazilian superheroes make me happy, when skies are blue. (Via Alan, who's got things to say to Mr. Keillor about his late nonsense (Remember a few weeks ago when that Ky. public radio station briefly dumped his poetry thingies for content reasons? Oh, the irony...).) There's also superheroes from lots of other countries on that site, including The Golem from Israel.

Birnbaum vs. George Saunders. Yay! If the current Birnbaum didn't do such a great job, I'd say the world needs more Birnbaums.

The link between methheads and arrowheads?

Niall Harrison on Vellum

Christopher makes with the stumping with a fine collection of old and new first lines of great SF and fantasy short stories. How many can you get?

Lastly: Go Monarchs!


  • At 11:47 AM , Blogger EEK! said...

    On behalf of Mr. Free and Ms. McQueen, eds., I thank you for the Garbanzo! mention.


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