shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


the thursday edition of hangovers, or open tabs.

1. Our dear Michaelangelo Matos reveals the new group blog he's taking part in. Music critics. And people say they're secretive loners.

2. The Fuccon family are mannequins, an American mannequin family to be precise, living in Japan. Yes, friends, this odd Japanese TV show is now available with English subtitles. Ms. Gilly, run don't walk. (Via.)

3. Susan touches on all sorts of interesting things, and reminds everyone that you need to suggest Wiscon programming this week (although those of us that came up with the where are southern women writing fantasy idea last year prolly need to come up with something that won't lead to this again) and to go vote in the Strange Horizons Reader's Choice Awards.

4. Guess what? Tom Shales doesn't love Happy Days. But he thinks your parents do.

5. Seattle librarian and action figure model Nancy Pearl names her top 10 spy novels. (Via the Very Elegant Mark, who also has the skinny on the Black Clock issue 2 partay.) (Black Clock 2 features a Lew Shiner story; very exciting.)

6. Boing Boing has the goods on someone who potentially saw Bigfoot in their backyard. I just love the fact that the operator asks "Ok, but is it a person?" Tape can be heard here.

7. Ron goes to a Samantha Hunt reading. You should to, if you get the chance. I loved the playfulness and melancholy of The Seas.

8. Our Girl in Chicago offers an account of David Thomson's dueling nature. I keep meaning to read Thomson's novels. Loved his Orson Welles' bio, Rosebud, and of course the Dictionary is beyond brill.

9. Eek on beards. She married one, so she should know. (I have to say that I agree and seeing anyone with a mustache brings on hilarity. Especially '70s mustaches -- what are they smuggling, guns?)

That's all for now.


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