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Matthew Cheney has totally gotten the number of Say... in his year-end SF small (tiny) press roundup over at The Mumpsimus. Go read, he has lots and lots of interesting things to say about LCRW and Flytrap and Electric Velocipede, etc., as well. You could subscribe to all those AND Trunk Stories for about the same as a subscription to one so-so glossy mag.

Say... will get another issue out this year, but it will be squeakingly just so fair to say not. But it will be an awesome, awesome issue. I again point you to a sorta table of contents (and submission guidelines) at Christopher's site. (And I will reiterate as always that we are damn glad to have Mr. DeNiro selecting our poetry.) We've widened the submissions net for comics and the like for the next issue and let me beg all you lit types out there to Send Us Stories And Poems That Are Too Weird For Anyplace Else. The next (Spring) theme is a return to a bit more concrete of concepts: “what’s the combination?”

The fabulous ladies of Lipkandy are helping us with the FOW website situation and the new year holds exciting things there too.

Anyway: send us your batshit!

Unrelated: I won a gingerbread house tonight. And saw the best bar sign ever: "Good Food, Cold Beer, Mean Women."


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