shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


bless the veterans.... (update)

I think they've saved my head and life by letting me sleep in until, approximately, now. Last night was writing group, followed by the Last of the Post-Election Benders. Later, we join the new gym and reclaim our faculties.

Waking up to this was not good. There's a beautiful scene in Justine's forthcoming book Magic or Madness involving "the real Miss Havisham's" grave, and I'm hoping she'll post it, or about the cemetery itself. I also hope they string up the bastards done it by their toes. Smashing graves is unforgivable. I greatly miss this little statue of a horse and riding lady, done in white marble, that was in glass case in front of my great-grandmother's tombstone. It was a rare flourish in an otherwise plain graveyard. Of course, smashed.

Anyway, more coherence later. Now I'm going to have bubbles in a bath.

UPDATE: Justine has posted, as requested.


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