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letters to the editor # 2

And another one, in the Shared Sentiment category. From the Honolulu Advertiser:

Drivers must respect people in crosswalks

I'm complaining once again about drivers in Honolulu. I don't appreciate it when drivers are trying to make a turn when I'm already in the crosswalk. It is very possible that they could hit me.

I learned from my driver's education teacher that when pedestrians are in the crosswalk, you have to let them get completely out of the way before making a turn. I believe that is the law, but when I'm crossing the street in Honolulu, that doesn't seem to be the case.

I think drivers are nicer in areas outside of Honolulu, like Pearl City. At least I see some aloha there, but I hardly see any aloha with drivers in Honolulu. I really don't know why or what's the difference, but I wish there were more aloha from drivers in Honolulu.

I read a letter recently in your newspaper, someone else complaining that being a pedestrian in Honolulu is not safe. I totally agree with that person. I'm from the Big Island, and I see a big difference with drivers there and here on O'ahu. I'm requesting again for drivers to have aloha for pedestrians in crosswalks.

Christina Kusaka
Pearl City

I love any letter which begins "Once again," implying a Jane Smileyesque level of commitment on the part of the letter writer.

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