shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


screeching to a monday halt

Busy, busy, busy, so yes, the Monday tradition, the numbered list.

1. Vicious hangovers are definitely not improved by the crashing, bashing sounds of the demolition of the building across the street, beginning promptly at 8 a.m. and subsiding every few minutes in a way that makes you think maybe, maybe you'll be able to go back to sleep, but no! Bam! Crash! Smash! It's like a fucking Batman comic out there. George doesn't like it either.

2. Before Sunset exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high to begin with. Beautiful little movie with an electrifying final 10 minutes and a perfect ending. Go see.

3. 13 Going on 30 is way better than you think. It's a teen movie for adults. Very much fun for a braindead Saturday night. The '80s stuff is spot on and how can you not love a movie with a "Thriller" dance sequence? (The Glove Monster was different then; we can still enjoy "Thriller.")

4. The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Seventeenth Edition is out and fabulous. I knew Kelly and Gavin would do a fantastic job, but no, really, they did a fucking fantastic job. (I'm cursing a lot today for some reason.) The introduction is packed full of great stuff and I already had to reserve about ten books at the library. Can't wait to start reading the stories I missed last year. And Kij Johnson's "At the Mouth of the River of Bees," which kicks off the antho, is one of the most gut-wrenching, fantastic explorations of the love of our pets and how much it hurts when they die that I've ever, ever, ever encountered. A beautiful story that left me sobbing but grateful to have read it.

Also picked up the undoubtedly excellent The Faery Reel: Tales from the Twilight Realm anthology, which I couldn't resist. New stories by Kelly Link, Holly Black, Greg Frost (actually, that was what pushed me over the edge; I heard him read the first half of his story "Tengu Mountain" a couple of years ago and can't wait to read the end -- finally!), Gregory Maguire, Delia Sherman, etc, et al. It looks fucking fantastic. (Like a sailor, I tell you!)

5. And hmmm... that's it, except for hoping our switch from our evil, bad cable company to shiny Dish Network goes smoothly tomorrow, despite the fact our landlord is involved.

Hope your Monday was less headachey than mine.

worm "I Don't Like Mondays," Boomtown Rats

namecheck Sunshine "State Department?!" Ison


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