shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


Naught to do but compose my blog entry.

Just lots and lots of links today. Sorry I'm being so damn sporadic lately. That's the word for it too--sporadic. I am in a period of sporadicacity, sporadicness--ATTACK OF THE SPORES! Things will slow down; I will respond to e-mail. I will get some damn writing done. I will get up when the alarm goes off. I will pet George and drink coffee. The taxes will be done. The sporads will be defeated. Yes, victory, it shall be mine.

Don't know what just happened there, but I can only attribute it to the little recognized "late afternoon weirds." You know, like the "mean reds" or the "Monday morning blues." It's a phenomenon.

I think I'll start backwards, so we're time traveling, back to the first links I haven't had time to post... but not yet.

I like linking to the Hindustani Times, I just do. Especially when it's a fun story about the inexplicable filching of Keith Richards' cigarettes.

And then there's the paleontology link of the day (and don't think I won't be asking Brochu about this at the event tomorrow evening, and wishing I could hear Jack Horner's cry of small vindication): Dino was a cannibal. And, CNN's version-- if you're wondering what Jack Horner has to do with it, well he's (one of) the somebodies who likes to say T. Rex was predominately a scavenger. I'm thinking today he's having a beer, and a lot of phone calls from his buddies.

Going back further, so far I can't remember why I'm linking to the Kon Tiki article in the New York Times. Except that it's very interesting.

And the Vodkapundit's very funny illustration of Peter Arnett vs. Creature.

I will skip the Geraldo link and only comment that this is one of the funniest headlines I've seen all week: Correspondent Will Leave Iraq Rather Than Be Expelled. Glad they cleared that up.

And everyone's heard the Leslie Cheung news by now, so sad. Canto-pop attracts tragedy...and speaking of attracting tragedy...

One of the stories I've been following most closely this week was the young photojournalist, previously an employee of the Gore campaign, who was missing in Iraq. Her name is Molly Bingham and she's safe now. She's from one of the most prominent families in Louisville; among other things they, for a very long time, ran The Courier-Journal newspaper. This was when it was one of the top papers in the country. And it seems like tragedy is drawn to them. Not in the way the Kennedy's are magnets of doom, because I've always thought they were obviously sending out a signal which was being responded to by the universe--if not always at an appropriate level. But the Bingham's are often doing good things, being writers or journalists or crusaders and bad, bad things happen. So, whew. For the interested, here's Molly's dad's heartfelt entreaty from earlier in the week, in their old family paper, asking for his daughter's safe return. He now hopes she'll take a job in the fashion industry. I hope she won't.

We need more brave souls. We need all of them we can get.


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