shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


I am here in the Land of Interminableness, where we are not sure if the day will ever end. Not sure if we'll need a nap when we get home. Not sure if it's raining outside. (Though it is much, much warmer.)

Probably most everyone who reads this also reads William Gibson's blog, and so will know just where I stole it from. Like I care. The (possible) city under Tokyo. I love underground cities; in fact, my YA novel-in-progress is set in one. And Christopher found out from some guys at work that there's a series of limestone caverns beneath Lexington, which among other things, cause certain sections of roadway to melt or freeze faster than others. My research on underground cities while I was trying to find a setting for The Girl Gang (the aforementioned YA-in-progress) turned up a wonderfully alarming number of them, right here in the US of A. And not always where you'd expect either. So much for life above ground.

Another bit of fascinitude I came across in New Scientist about an art (?) exhibit that is also science around our sense of smell, and why it's not better. This interview reads like it could be a story. I like the idea of mind control through scent, though that has nothing to do with this piece. (And by like, I mean find interesting, not advocate.)

I'll lay off the Glove Monster today, lest I be voodoo cursed by the noseless one. But this parody from the ever-vigilant Mr. McLaren is too good to pass up. Find the whole set here, but make sure you see the smooth criminal warning.

Coming across a poet like Harvey Shapiro, who has two amazing poems on poetrydaily today, always makes me feel like a dolt for not having found out about this guy and his work sooner. It makes me wonder what else I'm missing (ah, the toe in the ocean). A few minutes turned up these other poems, which also proved to be amazing: Night, New York Notes, American Poet, Brooklyn, and this little essay.

And, last but never least, rest in peace, Patsy. I took out my "Patsy Cline Sings Songs of Love" CD last Saturday night, and have spun it several times since then. I wasn't even feeling sad (at least not until I put it on). It must have been something in the air.


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