shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


Happy Chris McLaren Day, Happy Chris McLaren Day,
We hope it's a very happy day, lalalalala,
He's the King of Canadia, for what it's worth
(Better than the King of Pop)
And today there will be books and garlic and wine and pizza and music and whisky!
Yay! It's Chris McLaren Day!

When Chris and I met it was in 1996 at Dragon-Con (my first convention and I had no idea what to expect). He was there to see the Flash Girls' last show (which didn't turn out to be their last show at all), as was I, and to give Sunshine a ride and put names to faces. I met a lot of people that weekend. But Chris is one of the only ones I can remember in great detail. We talked Scooby theory and he tried to save me from Moebius the Uber-Freak of Atlanta, who I believe I may have threatened to set on fire at some point. I didn't see him again for another year or so, and by then Lorraine and I were really close, and we were in the Cities to celebrate her and our friend Liz's 30th birthdays. There was much hilarity and hangovers and really freaking good champagne.

I have a picture of the three of us in Dreamhaven, the morning after the party, looking very sweet and happy together. If we can get the scanner to work, maybe I'll stick it up here. We have many traditions, the three of us, most of which involve good drink, good food, and good music. And all of which involve really good people.

Chris, I'm glad I know you. I'll heft a glass to you tonight. (If not to Canada!)


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